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June 15, 2016 / 7600 Lakeville Hwy, Petaluma, CA 94954

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It’s been months of photography, weeks of editing, tedious image selection, a solid week of frame construction; late nights, long hours, and a 12-hour installation day….but we finally did it! I’m officially exhibiting my horse portraits and custom artwork at the Sonoma Horse Park throughout the Summer months of 2016. And yes, they are all FOR SALE!

Why is this such a big deal? For the past 18 months, I’ve been working towards the goal of spending more time photographing humans and horses and the connection between them. You may have read my previous blog entries where I explain how horses inspire me and humble me and teach me to let go and observe. I’ve even redesigned my website to put my philosophy out there and to explain the way I feel about bonding with these spirits. (Feel free to pause here and read my Artist Statement for more details on this subject. I’m so proud of the Unbridled Gallery too!) There’s so much more to the relationship between these beautiful creatures and humans and that’s what I explore through my lens. 

And this is what leads me to the Sonoma Horse Park. I know that horse owners feel the same way I do. The relationship with their horse is one of the most important in their lives. By showcasing my work at the show, I have the opportunity to open the conversation with horse owners about capturing the essence of the human-horse connection through photography. Introducing the idea of informal portrait photography for horses- where they are free, in their natural environment, mostly unbridled and without the formality of their show jumping style- is why I’m at the show. I get to meet these wonderful horses and their owners and connect with them about how we can share their unique story through a lifestyle-esque portrait session.

I love what I do every day. Photography is my art, my passion and my privilege. Horses and people and relationships inspire me. It’s an honor to be invited to into their lives to give them a voice through my work. I’m so grateful for all the horses I’ve met and the people who have opened doors to me so that I can continue to do what I love. Everyday.

For more details on how to schedule a horse portrait session, please contact me at

An equine photo shoot is $550 Monday-Friday or $750 on Saturdays and Sundays. The photo shoot takes 1-2 hours but it could run longer depending on your horse or herd and his/her reaction to me and the environment. All images are hosted online, typically about 100-250 images, depending on the cooperation of the horse (and humans). Images are ready for viewing within two weeks of the session.

My goal is to connect to you and your horse. I want to learn your horse’s story. I approach with patience, taking the time to connect with their beautiful spirits. My goal is to place the horse or horses in the best light in a comfortable, safe and somewhat unbridled situation.

I understand how horses move and can work around them by putting myself in the right place to get the right shot. I can find light anywhere, whether out in the wild with a herd or inside the safety of a stable, arena or paddock. My portrait work is typically very ‘bare’ with minimal bridals and saddles. The portraits focus on capturing the beauty of the horse, their resilient spirit, and unbridled nature.

In addition to photography, I produce custom albums, canvas, metal prints and fine-art framed prints. The print and product pricing information can be found here.

My photographic journey with horses has no limit. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule a photo shoot. I look forward to hearing from you.