Cavalia Odysseo :: Equestrian Show

November 19, 2015 / San Francisco, CA

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the acclaimed equestrian show, Cavalia’s OdysseoDuring the show season, professional cameras are not allowed in the show. This was a sneak peek for media – I had full access and great front row seating!

Odysseo is quite the production. There are so many superlatives to describe it… creative, inventive, artistic, ambitious, revolutionary. This multi-dimensional theatrical show is a spectacular. After seeing this show I believe that all I really need in life is a grey horse and a cape.

About the Show: Odysseo is about the connection between humans and horses, an ancient relationship that inspired the creation of the production. (Obviously a subject I’m totally interested in!) I’m drawn to this show because of the beautiful horses and the fact that they seem very wild even under saddle. The show takes you on an equestrian journey beginning in an enchanted forest, traveling through the Mongolian  steppes  to  Monument  Valley,  from  the  African savannah to Nordic glaciers, from the Sahara to Easter Island. Together, the horses and humans discover some of the world’s most unforgettable landscapes in a fantasy dream setting.

Each performer rode flawlessly, even while looking at the audience. The horses are amazingly beautiful – fearless, confident and totally comfortable on stage. Backstage, each performer connected with their horse and all horses were treated with great care. Respect for the horses is the trainer’s first priority.

In all, there are 65 male horses of 11 different breeds including the Arabian, Australian Stock Horse, Hosteiner, Lipizzan, Lusitano, Mustang, Paint  Horse,  Quarter  Horse, Selle Français, Spanish Purebred (P.R.E.) and Warmblood. There are 45 artists- riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and musicians. The scope of this production is immense.

The beauty of this show is the journey of horses and humans together. It gives the audience a sense that a great connection exists between these two creatures and this is something I’ve truly believed in from my own connection with horses. The following quote was taken from the Cavalia Press Kit and to me, this is the essence of the show’s message:

“The  poetry  flowing  from  this  grand adventure  shines  a  light  on  a  more  humane  world  where  human  and  horse  may  live  in harmony. For just a few hours, the spectator sets off to discover new horizons, the limits of his imagination,  and  gets  to  experience  a  waking  dream  in  a  world  where  beauty,  serenity  and hope reign.”

Special thanks to my dear friend Erin Gilmore for her amazing connections in the horse world!