Running With Flag: Finding inspiration among horses

August 07, 2015 / Equistar Farm, 2920 Thorn Road Sebastopol, CA 95472

A few years back, I was speaking with a dear photographer friend of mine and mentioned that I was feeling a little less ‘inspired’ in my photography business. I felt that I had hit a point where I wasn’t learning and seeing new things. He suggested that I go photograph things I enjoy. I took this to heart and spent most of 2011 photographing horses – an animal that I love and feel very connected with. It was challenging, refreshing and soul-filling. By the end of the year I had thousands of images and found myself very inspired by seeing “light” again. As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to move a horse into the right light. You have to find it and use it to your advantage. In addition to shooting, I found myself back in love with editing. Sometimes I’d spend 5 hours editing one image.

Kimberly Carlise, founder of The Flag Foundation, invited me to spend time with her amazing herd and capture images of the horses living together. This is how I found inspiration among horses. I dedicated many months to this task and collaborated with a local artist to help build an equine show. In November of 2011, I installed my very first art show showcasing custom-made frames and beautiful prints of the horse images photographed while spending time with The Flag Foundation. (And of course with a show, you need a website, and hence my Equinality site was born. This site will soon be folded into so check back soon)

Over the past four years, most of these pieces of art have been sold (although a small handful are still for sale) and distributed in various homes and wineries. Another show is in the works – stay tuned for dates and samples!

And so this blog is dedicated to my friends at The Flag Foundation. The images below were used for the equine show. Custom prints are available upon request.

“Let go and observe the lesson. Here are horses how and where they are meant to be – free.”  – Tara Arrowood, photographer