Kevin and Roberto: A Marriage of Love and Commitment

September 01, 2015 / 8588 St. Helena Rd Santa Rosa, California 95404

The love and commitment of Kevin and Roberto is something unique. It’s that love that comes once in a lifetime. These two are a seriously good match. When we asked the two grooms to share their love story with us for our blog, they did ,and included the transcript of their wedding ceremony for us too! Kevin and Roberto invited us into their world of love and have allowed us to share it with you. To do this, I decided to copy some of the amazing quotes from their wedding officiants- Patti and Paula, John and Brad- that I think sum up the love and commitment of this amazing couple. Be sure to check them out after scrolling through the images. You will totally fall in love with these two gentlemen. Thank you Kevin and Roberto for choosing me to be a part of your special day. I wish you so  much love and happiness forever.

Here’s a pre-cursor to the fun quotes from friends below. The ceremony opened with:

We are here to celebrate Kevin’s love of Roberto and Roberto’s love of wine.”

I think we can all agree that it is such lighthearted and loving humor that characterizes their commitment to one another.”

Our goal in this afternoon’s ceremony is to show you how such a loving and supportive relationship came to be.”

“In all seriousness, when I was asked to speak for Roberto I immediately started to think about the personality traits he and Kevin share, or have individually, how each of these traits complement each other and… how those traits benefit all of us.

How the gentle soul of Kevin tempers Roberto’s feistiness.

How their proven dedication to each other, and to each other’s families inspires us.

How no matter where they are, they have the ability to create a beautiful, calm, and welcoming home that each of us has been able to imbibe in (literally, with lots of great wine and incredible food) and a home which has been a model for each of us to attempt to create on our own.”

“It was after they moved in together that Kevin and Roberto discovered combined strength and began a tradition for which they are well-known:  They are excellent hosts and they plan fabulous dinner parties.”

“In other words, Roberto brings home the bacon and Kevin wraps that bacon around another tasty meat, sautés it in butter, and serves it with a lovely glass of rosé.”

“Some of the characteristics that I most appreciate about Kevin and Roberto include a love of good food, a discerning taste for fine wine, a great sense of fashion, and of course witty and sometime snarky commentary on topics ranging from Banking to Beyoncé to Baked goods.

They are generous. They are kind. They are dear friends. They are a handsome couple; well matched and well equipped to survive the trials and tribulations of marriage and family.

We all look forward to see what the future has in store for you, knowing that your growing family has a foundation in love and commitment, living in the city you love, surrounded by friends who support you.”

Location: The Ranch Above
Photography: Arrowood Photography | Second Shooter: Myleen Hollero
Invitation: Three Little Words
Catering: Cindy Pawlcyn
Musicians: Effesenden Music
Boutounnieres & Bouquet: EV Floral Design
Other Flowers and Decor (menu, place card, etc): designed by Kevin & Roberto
Custom Suites: Il Sarto | Bow Ties: Tom Ford | Rings: Tiffany & Co.